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Storm Shelter Peer Review


The 2015 edition of the IBC Section 423 requires buildings with certain types of functions and geographic locations to be built with a storm shelter. The following structures must include a storm shelter constructed in accordance with ICC 500 when located in a 250 mph wind speed zone for tornado. The building types that require storm shelters are:


• 911 call stations and Emergency operations centers

• Fire, rescue, and ambulance stations

• Police stations 

Fire Station and Emergency operations center review 
DFW DPS HQ Emergency center
Prosper Police HQ
Hutchins Public Safety Storm Shelter

Prosper Police Station Storm Shelter

City of Dallas- Fire Station 59
City of Dallas- Fire Station 46

Richardson Fire Station No 3
Mesquite Fire Station No 4
Flower Mound FS No 7
Farmers Branch No 2
Grandview Fire Station #3
Coppell Fire Station #4


K-12 Storm Shelter review

DISD- Woodrow Wilson HS
DISD-Pinkston HS
DISD- Travis ES

DISD- Dallas North
DISD- Hawthorne ES
Birdville ISD- Smithfield Gym Addition
Birdville ISD- Richland MS
Birdville ISD- Haltom MS
Birdville ISD- New Partner ES

Birdville ISD- Smithfield ES

Nacogdoches ISD- McMichael MS
Nacogdoches ISD- Emeline Carpenter ES
Nacogdoches ISD- Malcome HS
Wylie ISD- Bush ES
Wylie ISD- High School

Wylie ISD- Cox MS

Wylie ISD- Watkins

Wylie ISD- Harrison
Plano ISD- Armstrong MS
June Shelton Private School

Parish Episcopal School

3rd Party Plan review 

Wylie ISD- Cox MS

Wylie ISD- Watkins

Wylie ISD- Harrison

Wylie ISD- Bush ES

Dallas ISD- Bryan Adams HS

Dallas ISD - Thompson HS 

Dallas ISD- Sunset HS

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